Mission Statement

Farapol Jam Chemical Industries is an economic enterprise, the mission of which is to design and manufacture various types of Polymer Matrices and performance-enhancing additives, in line with sustainable development strategies.



To serve as one of the two leading manufacturers of high-performance Resins for the composite industry in Iran until 2023.



Customers: Our success is achieved through the satisfaction of our customers.

Employees: Competent employees (Honest, Responsible, Loyal, Eager to Learn and Creative) are the most important and valuable assets of Farapol.

Shareholders: Expectations of shareholders are met through the increase in share values while preserving excellence for Morality, Culture, Society, and Environment.

Business Partners: Business relations with domestic and foreign suppliers and partners is built on long-term basis and for mutual benefits.

Society: Responsibility of Farapol towards society and environment relies on our respect for regulations and excellence for national resources. Maintaining a proper environment for employees and holding respect for values of society is of vital importance to us.