The purpose of cobalt-based promoters is to speed up the curing reaction of polyester and vinyl ester resins and allow them to cure at room temperature. The cobalt-based promoter helps the catalyst to start the chemical reaction between the resin and styrene monomer and form a cured solid. Based on the percentage of cobalt metal in cobalt octates, its amount is determined. Normally, cobalt octates are used in the composite industry with 10% metal.

It is necessary to explain that the company has designed complies with the structure of resin, in order to complete its product portfolio as well as respect the customer's needs.


Farapol Jam’s cobalt octoate,  which is normally supplied with a 10% percent metal content, is suitable for composite industry. The solvent used in this product is the white spirit. The solvent type and metal percentage can be replaced at the consumer's request.


Due to the nature of cobalt octates The parts that made with this cobalt have a purple or yellow color, which is not desirable. In order to produce a colorless piece, in addition to the design and production of a colorless resin, the cobalt should be colorless too, which is solved by the research of the company.